Getting Started

Now having decided to do the course online and register just hoping I can get in officially.

Im Liz and I work in TAFENSW. This organisation is part of Australias ever growing VET sector. I work specifically in South Western Sydney Institute at Macquarie Fields TAFE College. My area of expertise is in Literacy, Language and Numeracy teaching for anyone wanting a second chance at getting an education. The Faculty known as Employment Preparation which really indicates the government focus of much of our efforts. We are a public sector institution delivering to a wide range of people, who come mainly from the disadvantaged community within which our college is situated.

Im deeply interested in the role of technology in education and the way in which it has the potential to revolutionary education. I have witnessed it being harnassed to provide a much richer, collaborative, challenging and personalised approach to learning. Im concerned that we need to move past the technology as tool phase of change and move onto thinking about the deeply implications of technology as a tool for radical change in pedagogies.

I have some very fuzzy thoughts about seeing some very technologically savvy adults coming into our organisation as learners and being denied the chance to use the tools that shape their everyday life. Its a bit like ‘ leave your technology at the door’ we are the discipline experts.! I’m hoping to be able to dig deep and articulate my unsettling feelings and thoughts.



  1. Hi Liz!
    I am glad you joined the YH group, I waited until I got a chance to visit your blog to answer your email. Thanks for sharing.
    We have similar interests, I am have a project to foster Digital Literacy in Mexico so I very gald to meet you.
    Good luck, I guess you will be admited to take the course for credit.
    Love: Maru

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